Part 3: Power

Total Class Time: 6 Hours
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Live on Zoom

Topics: connecting to multiple data sources, cleaning data with Power Query, analyzing data with Power Pivot, and setting up Power BI

Part 2 (or you will be lost)
What you need to attend: PC or Mac with Zoom
available for download

Participation: Questions are welcome. We'll also have several hands-on exercises to do during class.

Recording: Will be available after class so you can review the material and exercises.

Day 1 (3 hours)
Power Query Changes Everything
  • The proper way to connect to other workbooks in your office
  • Creating simple queries within the workbook
  • Pre-cleaning a messy data source
  • Pre-filtering massive datasets
  • Automating Complex Data Transformations
Power Query Gets Powerful
  • Combining data from several tabs into one table
  • Automatically combining several files from one folder into one table!
  • Combining several disparate datasets into one coherent table
  • Using Merge to perform "vlookups" between your queries
Day 2 (3 hours)
Power Pivot takes us to the Moon
  • An introduction to Power Pivot and the data model
  • Combining several datasets into one pivot table!
  • Building simple measures to perform calculations in Power Pivot
  • Working with datasets that have millions of rows with no problem
  • How to use Power Query and Power Pivot Togther
You Now Understand Power BI!
  • An introduction to Power BI, which allows you to keep your data in the cloud
  • Establishing a single source of truth for the numbers in your office
  • Transferring your Power Query and Power Pivot Models to Power BI
  • What to do with all of your new free time now that you're no longer fixing garbage spreadsheets
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