Part 1: Essentials

Total Class Time: 6 Hours
Next Session: Nov 15&16 (2:00-5:00pm)
Live on Zoom

Topics: shortcuts, formulas, IF Functions, VLOOKUPS, Pivot Tables, and the fundamentals of proper spreadsheet design.

What you need to attend: A PC or Mac with Zoom and Microsoft Excel installed. A mouse with a scroll wheel is strongly recommended.
available for download

Participation: Questions are welcome. We'll also have several hands-on exercises to do during class.

Recording: Will be available after class so you can review the material and exercises.

Day 1 (3 hours)
How to Use Excel Properly
  • Why Excel becomes a mess. And how to avoid it.
  • Why your computer setup sucks and how to easily fix it
  • Getting your slow computer under control
  • A few life-or-death shortcuts to help you end clumsiness.
  • When to use and NOT use the mouse
  • How to set up a new spreadsheet without getting overwhelmed.
  • Formatting text, numbers, money, and dates.
  • Getting the messy lines, grids, colors, and formats under control
The right way to use formulas
  • Setting up formulas that make sense
  • Understanding relative vs absolute formulas
  • Naming cells so they're easier to reference
  • Doing simple calculations with money, dates, and time
  • Setting up a simple spreadsheet to track your business metrics
Day 2 (3 hours)
Working with data
  • How to work with big datasets without getting flustered
  • The right way to filter and sort data without messing it up
  • Creating a simple template for your data to avoid building the same formulas every week
  • Fixing problems with the data with simple text functions
  • IF FUNCTIONS - Excel becomes powerful when the formulas can make decisions for you
  • VLOOKUP - It's so powerful and yet almost can do it. Once you see how easy it is you'll laugh.
  • How to handle data that keeps "growing"
Putting it all together
  • Using PIVOT TABLES to summarize your data
  • Using SUMIF and COUNTIF formulas to aggregate your data
  • Using graphs and charts to present your data
  • Getting everything to actually print properly!
  • Understanding the Big Picture and how to think about Spreadsheet Design
  • What to do with all of your new free time now that you're no longer fixing garbage spreadsheets