With Mike Zumchak & 
Dr. Ed Blach DVM
Part 2: Advanced Veterinary Excel
Next Session: Mar 20&21
Live on Zoom
Dr. Ed Blach
Mike Zumchak

The Workshops

Part 1: Veterinary Excel Essentials
Total Class Time: 6 Hours
Next Session: Soon
Live on Zoom

The CORE class that will change the way you think about Excel forever.

Learn shortcuts to triple your speed, learn the most important formulas (VLOOKUPS, IF, SUMIF, etc), and turn your stubborn messy dataset into an elegant report using pivot tables.

Best of all, you'll learn to build a template you can re-use next week when the dataset grows.

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Part 2: The Advanced Class
Total Class Time: 6 Hours
Next Session: Mar 20&21 (2-5pmEST)
Live on Zoom

Take Excel to the next level while expanding on the knowlege from the first class.

We'll learn to write cleaner formulas, use advanced logic, maser the infamous INDEX/MATCH, and learn to build a spreadsheet that doesn't get slow and crash.

We'll also learn to write some simple macros and use automation to eliminate tedious tasks.

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Part 3: The Power Class
Total Class Time: 6 Hours
Coming in 2024
Live on Zoom

Take Excel to the Moon.

Power Query allows us to capture and clean several datasets from multiple sources.

Power Pivot allows us to analyze multiple datasets in one "powerful" pivot table.

These are the very same features used in Power BI, which is Microsoft's answer to Tableau, a professional cloud-based dashboarding tool.

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For over 10 years, Dr. Blach and Mr. Zumchak have worked together to deliver a number of highly-acclaimed Excel training workshops to the veterinary community.

We have always wanted to take these classes to the next level, to explore more topics, and to have more time to address the unique needs of our students. These new online workshops will meet this challenge. We are pleased to announce the Veterinary Excel Workshop.


Most veterinary practices rely on Excel in some capacity for their business intelligence and reporting needs. They also know what an error-prone disaster it can become. Typical spreadsheets are full of broken formulas, error messages, and dead links. They get passed down from several generations of previous users, inheriting their mistakes. They become slow and cumbersome. Worst of all, it's hard to know if the numbers are correct. For most offices, Excel simply creates more problems than it solves.

" For most offices Excel simply creates more problems than it solves."

Oftentimes they rely on a back-end "system" that collects key data points. Since these systems are often hard to customize, they are forced to export this data to Excel, where they proceed to filter it to death and mangle it with SUMS and SUBTOTALS until a homemade "report" has been made. Some people call this a spreadsheet. We call it a mess.

Most folks are not taking advantage of powerful features like VLOOKUPS, Pivot Tables, Slicers, and Queries. Some estimate that less that 10% Excel users will ever create a Pivot Table. What a loss for our industry!

Typically, spreadsheets are built without any proper structure in mind, which makes adding new data a nightmare. They are often doing "surgery" on their spreadsheets, crossing their fingers while they add new rows and columns, hoping the formulas will still work after changes are made. Surgery should be done in the operating room, not in the computer!

" Surgery should be done in the operating room, not in the computer"


These workshops were designed with 3 key principles in mind:

1.)   There is only one proper way to use Excel and one proper way to design spreadsheets. Just like there are rules for writing a good essay, there are rules for creating an elegant spreadsheet. Once you start building spreadsheets this way, Excel stops being a pain and actually becomes a joy to use.  

2.)   There are only a handful of formulas, shortcuts, and tools in Excel that you need to learn. In fact, you only need to learn 5% of Excel. You will use these same things 95% of the time! We only cover what people need to know. It’s much less than you would expect. And we can cover these things in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.  

3.)  The data points used by practice owners and managers are easily tracked and manipulated in Excel. We will create a number of tools and dashboards to explore the delicate balance of business metrics that can make or break a successful veterinary practice. All of the datasets and all of the examples in these classes will be specifically relevant to our industry. Furthermore, all of the tools we build in class will be directly downloadable and useable by the participants for their own business needs.


The workshops will be taught live by Mr. Zumchak, featuring industry-relevant commentary by Dr. Blach. (Recordings will be made available after class).

All classes are specifically geared toward normal folks, not computer/finance geeks. If you have basic computer proficiency, you can attend these workshops. The online format allows us to reach a large audience while keeping it affordable.

These workshops are directly based on the wildly successful classes that made "Excel Mike" a household name on Wall Street:

Part 1: Veterinary Excel Essentials

The Essentials class is more than simply a user guide for Excel. It is a Rosetta Stone for using Excel properly.   Anyone secretly wishing they had a better relationship with Excel should take it. This is not the boring Excel class you took in college, and nothing like the Excel you see being used by most people. This class will change the way you use the program forever.
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Part 2: The Advanced Class

A continuation of the story told in the Essentials class, this workshop takes Excel to the next level with advanced lookups, logic, and simple macros. We'll learn how to write clean easy-to-read formulas without getting overwhelmed.  After all, creating formulas should not feel like organic chemistry. Building a spreadsheet that can scale without getting slow and crashing is our prime objective, and this class makes it fun.
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Part 3: The Power Class

In the real world, we don't have just one dataset. We have many datasets, from multiple years, coming from different "platforms", all in different (and equally useless) formats.

We'll learn how to 1.) connect to all of these data sources without having to copy them into Excel 2.) automatically clean, edit, and transform them so they look consistent and 3.) combine them magically into sexy dashboards without having to create a "Franken-Dataset". Power Query and Power Pivot are magical tools that take Excel to the moon. They also prepare you for using Power BI, a powerful cloud-based dashboarding tool.
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" Creating formulas should not feel like organic chemistry"
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Edward Blach, DVM MS MBA

Ed Blach (DVM, MS, MBA) is co-founder of Ask.Vet, the leading telehealth innovator in the pet care market. He co-invented the FLAIR(R) nasal strip to protect the lungs of competing horses. He is former CEO of the largest equine hospital in the world, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, KY.  

Dr. Blach built as a concise resource to teach veterinarians how to grow their practices, improve profitability, and enhance enterprise value. He mentored the owners of more than 150 veterinary practices, helping grow their collective enterprise value from approximately $300,000,000 to more than $3.0 billion over a 10 year period.  

Ed was fortunate to meet “Excel Mike” at La Guardia airport in New York after seeing him work a keyboard like a concert pianist.  Even after 12 years of college, Mike is still the best teacher Dr. Blach has ever experienced.  He’s seen the impact of Mike’s work on the practice owners and managers he has worked with over the past 10 years.

Michael D. Zumchak

After escaping Wall Street, Michael went on to design one of New York's most coveted Excel training programs. Michael has trained over 50,000 students for clients including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Cole Haan, Kate Spade, Royal Bank of Canada, TripAdvisor,  Spotify, and SoulCycle.

Michael's teaching style is highly unconventional, wildly entertaining, and may induce learning. He is a published co-author in the scientific Journal of Visualized Experimentation and holds a bachelor's degree from NYU.

Michael has been working with Dr. Ed for over a decade. Refer to our reviews by former students that can attest to the quality of his workshops.



General Admissions
Part 1: Excel Essentials

Meets on December 6-8th 2-5pm EST


Full live access to class
Full access to recording of course
All course materials
Paul D. Erwin, DVM
Owner at Chatham Animal Clinic

“I have attended two workshops with Michael and would rate them both 10 out of 10.  He makes what would seemingly be a boring study of Excel into a fun, practical, valuable learning experience.   

The spreadsheet techniques I learned have allowed me to organize and better manage my practice's finances, employees, and overall goals.“

Stacy Kenvon, DVM
Owner at Countryside Veterinary Clinic

“My leadership team and I participated in Mike's Excel course and found him engaging and refreshingly gifted at teaching the program to a group of practice owners and managers who came to that meeting with varied prior Excel experience.

We each left the session having learned simple but effective strategies to better use Excel as intended for business management.“

Kipp Magnussen, DVM
Owner at Sylvan Veterinary Hospital

“Mike’s Excel workshop helped me get more out of my data, and make better decisions. His teaching style, mastery, and humor makes learning Excel surprisingly easy!“

Andrew Weitzman, DVM
Medical Director at Acorn Animal Hospital

“Michael was incredibly funny, engaging, and exceptionally fluent in Excel. What he was able to show us in a few hours was remarkable and extremely helpful. Every business owner who uses excel (and they should),would benefit from his classes.“


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